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I've been pouring over a stack of magazines and books for the past few days and now I'm ready for some sketching. I think this is one of my favorite things to do. After some mom/kids time I'll be ready for...

Quiet time
Black pen

Friday Tidbits
- A personal one... the new A Little Hut site is chugging along. I thought we'd be done by now but summer is what it is—slow. In the meantime I decided that it was high time to organize my current site. I almost feel like it's new. It doesn't look different but it's all nicely organized. What a relief! Oh... and I'm slowly transitioning to a new logo (the one you've seen on photos)—now it's here on the blog. See it up there? I'll be changing the color of house periodically. It was high time for a change.

- In the photo—if you want to go down the rabbit hole!
Mollie Makes (newest favorite find), Wallpaper, Anthology, InsideOut, Handmade Weddings, and last but not least Decorate by the very awesome Holly Becker.

- Paper, paper, paper on Pinterest.

- This is by far the best idea I saw all week. The idea of a paper record player is amazing. I also love the typography, patterns and colors—pretty much everything. More photos and explanation of the project can be found here. (via strictlypaper)

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.

FYI - My in-laws are coming to stay with us for a bit so if I'm not around you'll know why!

Have a great weekend everyone!
¡Feliz fin de semana para todos!

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