you never know when an idea will hit

Last night we went to see Cars 2 and I'm happy to say that it was a lot of fun to watch. For some reason my expectations weren't very high. Once again, Pixar didn't disappoint. Aside from the obvious (story, characters, etc) I was particularly taken by the amazing detail in the backgrounds—specially the scenes in Italy. Wow.

At home, after we were done with our typical family review of the movie (a.k.a. everyone wants to talk at the same time discussing their favorite/funniest part of the movie) my mind took a huge jump. The buildings I had seen in the Lettering Delights European City (which is part of a bundle that is still on sale) came to mind. It definitely was the Italian scenes that influenced this project. In a couple of minutes, I knew what I wanted to make and got to it.


I used the same hurricane glasses I used for my recycling idea and Hexagon Candle Cover and made this new pair of designs. One has tracing paper completely covering the glass. The other has a tracing paper that I cut to the size of the buildings. I didn't think the paper would survive the cutter but it did. Vellum (or even parchment paper) would've been ideal but I didn't have any.

I think I must be the only person that goes outside to spray mount something in our yard at 11pm—and my understanding husband doesn't even bat an eye. He knows me so well! Ha!

This project would work just as well with any type of shape that has cut outs. My Summer Blooms would look really pretty and even some Mod Borders (wrapped around the glass) would work well too. I used Glue Dots to attach the paper to the glass. It holds the paper without being permanent, allowing me to change up the glasses whenever I want to.

I think what I really need to do is a table full of candles that are covered with all sorts of designs. Now that would be fun! Hmm...

This is what the covers look like in daylight—and I still like them. The one in the front is my favorite. Spontaneous for-fun projects are always the best!

Have a great day!

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