day 23 - just create

day 23 - pebbles pattern

Design work (a logo) took over my day. So, I did make something. I just can't show it. But my determination to actually show something today turned out fruitful. When flat, this may not be the most exciting pattern ever, but I'm very excited about the way I'm going to be using it. I'll be showing you tomorrow!

This brings me to something a bit different...

Inspired by a couple of comments on yesterday's post I was wondering how the rest of you feel before you start a project.
- Do you feel held back about the time, energy and materials you're going to use or do you just jump in with gusto?
- Are you a planner with projects or you more of a spontaneous type of maker?

I'm not one to hold back. If I'm completely honest sometimes my every day responsibilities (hello laundry?) are forgotten for the sake of making. As far as the second question, I'm a little bit of both. My sketches lead me to planning. But on nights like tonight I start something on a whim and end up with a great project idea (not always!).

So how about you? What kind of maker are you?

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This is part of a my 26 days of making series.

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