day 13 - just more coasters

[Random photo - I saw these amazing torn paper flowers in Anthropologie a few weeks ago - the center was made of some sort of rubber and about the size of a melon. They all looked so striking!]

The photo session I had planned for Thursday was completely cut short because of dark clouds and thunderstorms. We desperately needed the water, so I'm not complaining. That just means that my reveal has to be postponed. While I waited for the weather to clear I made sure we won't be lacking in the coasters department. Now we have more patterns. I know... What a tease! I'll show you next week for sure. For those of you that asked, the new patterns will be in my shop next week.

Today it's perfectly sunny, but I've seriously run out of steam. The fact that Blogger was down since yesterday gave me the perfect excuse to just relax a bit.

By the way, my apologies for all the extra posts—old & new—being sent to the inboxes of my feed subscribers. It was all out of my control. It looks like Blogger is back to normal again. Let's hope!

This weekend I will be "making" but in a different way. I'll be...
- making the house look decent for Sunday visitors
- making lasagna from scratch for said visitors
- making sure all our Sunday outfits are ready
- making wonderful family memories on Sunday—while we celebrate with my little C on the day of her First Communion (which happens to be my birthday too)

Like I said, there will be a lot of making—just not of the paper crafting type. It's all about priorities, right?

Happy weekend everyone. Go and make something fun yourselves!

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