I should work at 2am more often

flower gift box

I got so much done and made this while watching the cheesiest of movies (nope, won't share the title, too embarrassing!). The box solved three things I've been wanting to do:

1. Make a new type of gift box. Hint: The flower isn't simply sitting on the cover.
2. Figure out how to make an origami box that had a narrower cover, so that the bottom box color is visible on the sides.
3. Add another project to my spring collection of projects (coming next week to the shop!)

So, for now, I'm quite pleased. Ask me how I feel in a few hours. I'm sure my body will be reminding me that I am no longer a college student that can run on fumes and coffee. Those were the days!

• • •

Thank you to those of you that have responded to my Facebook post. I really didn't expect much at all. But I knew I had to get it all off my chest. It's nice to know that I'm not alone and not out of my mind. So thanks!

I hope you come by tomorrow because I'll be having a small book book giveaway. I haven't had one of those in a long time. This is a good one—all about paper!

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