I love ceramics. Love. I don't know what it is about them but they truly call out to me. I think it may be a combination of the material (the natural aspect of it) and the hands on quality of the art itself. I started a pinterest board with ceramics with a few examples but I know of several more artists that need to be added.

all our work

I just happened to read that the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft was going to offer a clay bowl workshop for families on Saturday. Hello! I wanted us to go no matter what.

sharing some crafty clay time

Little C and Mr. Z where up for it but my dear D was pouting all the way there. He didn't think making anything with clay was going to be fun at all (a been there done that attitude). By the end of the afternoon he relented and admitted that I was right—he did enjoy himself a lot.

Don't moms always know best? Hehe. (Admission: I hated when my mom would say anything similar.)

first lesson

Little C and I tried our hand at the wheel. I'd never worked on one and the few minutes that I did left me craving for more. I'm going to have to look into taking a class. The man that gave us our five minute lesson was so sweet and kind. He's been at it for 20 years.

my first time

We had a wonderful time, learned something new and have little treasures and photos to reminds us of the day. It was the perfect thing to do after a week of the most dull, brain cell reducing, production work I've done in a while. I really needed to get my hands into something—literally.

For anyone in the Houston area... There are other interesting events coming up. Visit their calendar of events page for more information. We found out that they offer different workshops, on the first Saturday of each month. I will definitely keep this on my list of places to visit again.

BTW - How cool is it that Mr. Z thought of taking the pictures of us in action (without me asking—I was too busy having fun!) because he knew I'd want to blog about this later? He knows me so well! :)

Happy Monday everyone!

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