the ball is rolling

Thank you to everyone that replied to yesterday's post. My mind just kept racing with questions and ideas as the comments were coming here, on Diane's post and on Twitter. I feel that there is a shift of sorts and we are on the cusp of it.

I thought that I'd be taking a risk by sticking out my neck a bit and sharing my thoughts but my word for the year (fearless) made me take the leap. I'm so glad that I decided to go for it and I couldn't be happier that your response has been of understanding and support.

I hope that this will be a successful year of exploration for all of us that share the same dilemmas. If we put our heads together and come up with ideas I know we will find solutions.

Friday Tidbit
Along the lines of yesterday's conversation, here is an interesting article called: 5 rules for Mindful Creativity.

Have a great weekend!

PS. Guess what I'm getting ready for?

getting ready

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