5 simple things to do when you're creatively stuck

  1. Step away from the computer. Computer programs are tools not fountains of inspiration. Staying away from the internet allows time to find inspiration elsewhere.
  2. Pick up a good ol' pencil and paper—remember those? Sketch and play and don't work on your current project. In my case, picking up the Xacto works just as well (see photo).
  3. Go to a museum, a park or a bookstore and just walk around. They all offer so much food for thought.
  4. Enjoy your life. Do something that isn't related to your art.
  5. Get a good nights sleep. This may sound silly but the reality is that if you're depleted you won't get very far. If your body is asking for rest, give in.
I'm sure we can all add to our repertoire and our creativity tool box. So, what are your favorite or most effective ways to beat the creativity blues? Anyone willing to share?

• • •

This isn't exactly part of my The Basics posts but I just had the thought that knowing how to use tools and techniques is just as necessary as knowing what to do when we need to step away from them.

I've been doing all of the above during the last few days (honestly, not too great on #1). Somehow all the planning for the new year and working on projects left me blank this week. But I'm very ready for next week!

I highly recommend tackling #4 for the weekend! Have a good one!

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