all I want for christmas...

Is for things to stay the way they are now—well, sort of.
- I love that as a family we couldn't be any stronger. Love is all around.
- I'm grateful that we're all healthy (but things could be better—I could do without a few extra pounds and remembering to eat 3 square meals a day).
- I love our cozy house (even if we've sort of outgrown it).
- I love working from home (even though that means I stare at a mountain of laundry that I haven't taken care of).
- I love what I do (but there aren't enough hours in the day for my plans and ideas).

And I'd love for my stocking to be filled with more memories of:
- hugs, big and small
- giggles over the silliest of things
- what I feel when I hear "I missed you Mom" at 3pm after school
- catching little people, that are supposed to be in bed, reading
- crayons, markers and glitter being used
- Sunday afternoons with the family

That's all I want—more than enough.

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