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Sometimes there are days that I could just stop mentally tinkering on project or work ideas. Really. It may sound a bit strange to say this, but it's just annoying at times. Thankfully there is a solution and it's to focus my energy on family time. It always works like a charm.

I went with my C to Paper Source on Saturday morning and took a class where we built a Gingerpaper House Kit. Talk about a brilliant last minute idea. For the first time in a long time I was simply making and not thinking. I was focusing on sharing some time with my C and it felt so good. However, I did have to work on keeping my mouth shut when things weren't as straight as I thought they should be. But never fear, C quickly picked up on the idea that the project was hers and that I was her assistant. I was put in charge of some gluing and cutting. She was the head decorator.

I thought it was really sweet to see other moms and daughters there as well. It was a girly, crafty, fun time and I could tell that my C enjoyed it as much as I did. It will definitely go on our 'must repeat again' list.

Here she is putting on some final touches at home.

In the afternoon we headed out to watch the first of two soccer games that ended the season for D. He was really wanting me to film him playing so the photo illustrates my designated spot. But this isn't a complaint. That's my typical and preferred spot regardless of the event—behind the camcorder or behind the camera. I was so proud of the fact that I caught both goals that he scored only to realize, when we got home, that apparently I didn't hit 'record' for the second one... umm... yeah. He was not happy with me—neither was I!

I'll have the kids with me this week and I have a lot to do for Thanksgiving. It'll be a crazy but fun week!

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