inspiration comes through the lens

Just some examples of textures that caught my eye this week (the top three are taken out of town). I have a folder on my computer with these types of random images. I go through them every now and then when I need ideas. They always trigger something—they give me a mental jolt.

On D's head. A pattern begging to be transformed into paper.

texture that gives me ideas

Outside our room. It just tells me to breathe.

outside our room

Over our beds. Some sort of 3D construction swarming in my head.

over our beds

Yummy paper yarn that I got in the mail. Knitting or crochet needles is the question.


If you're stuck just take a walk and start shooting photos of what you see. Then crop the images and focus on the textures you see in them. Don't be surprised if you catch something that sends you down an unexpected creative path. Just let go and go for it.

• • •

If it seems like I'm holding back from you, you're right and I feel guilty about it. But, I'll let you know what's going on in a few weeks. No worries it's all good!

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