her first embroidery

So here it is. This is part of the gift I'll be giving my Mom on Sunday. The rest will involve printing an assorted set of my block print cards (which she's been asking for a while!) and other tid bits.

Little did I know that this project would offer my little C her first embroidery experience. I was working on the red/pink piece when I heard the very familiar "Can I help, Mom?" Of course! I was so excited and beside myself.

She had it a little harder since I was lazy and wasn't using an embroidery hoop (slightly starched linen made it easier to cheat), but she handled everything so well. She didn't quite understand what I was sewing until I told her that the embroidery I was doing was like coloring but with thread. As soon as I said that she totally go it—she's the coloring queen!

The top pink stitches were her first. The red was much better and by the time she helped me with the purple flowers she was doing it much better. She's such a mini-me maker—love it!

It was great to watch how focused she was in making sure her stitches were close to one another. However, she was moving so much this is one of the best shots I got of her little hands in action.

We asked D if he wanted to sew a few stitches (as C said "Boys can sew too! - Sure!) and all we got was a most disinterested "No thanks." Ah well...

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