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As I've said before I typically have some sort of side project going. For this week's "just for fun" work I'll be tackling a bit of fabric and more embroidery. This time the fabric I'll be using has already been printed for me (via Spoonflower). We'll see if the idea I have in mind pans out.

This is a cut out of my stamp flower. As you can see part of it is missing (oops!), but I wanted to see what it would look like on paper. I can fix what's missing and then what? Frame it? Maybe.

paper flower

paper flower

I had the intention of doing so but at the urging of a friend's request I've decided to add a set of Full Bloom flower cards to my shop. I'm offering them as a set of 6 cards. Each is stamped individually and never in the same exact place. They are all one of a kind, if you buy a set it will be entirely unique.

full bloom

I promise there will be no more flowers for a while!

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