last day

The kids will be going back to school tomorrow, which means we're still not quite into the routine everyone else jumped into today. To enjoy our last full weekday together the kids are using some of these this morning...

and I'm using some of this.

I derive the same pleasure from seeing rows of embroidery thread as I do a stack of neatly folded towels in the linen closet. Is that strange?

• • •

In other news... I found out that the magazine bowl project found in Home, Paper, Scissors will be used as a class project in a special needs organization. That makes me so happy.


  1. LOVE the photos. and you're NOT crazy. perfect stacks of anything (especially colorful things) get me just as excited!

  2. Great pics :)....My kiddos don't go back til tomorrow too. Of course slacker me didn't realize that til a few days ago. What a shocker haha...

  3. Thanks Lori! Great mind think alike. :)

    Amanda - Ouch! That's happened to me before, so I know how you feel. I double checked the school calendar yesterday just in case my pea brain remembered things incorrectly. ;)

  4. The colors are lovely! I was wondering, do you know of an organization that accepts donations of magazines and catalogs? I would love to see more magazine bowls supporting good causes!

  5. Unfortunately I don't know of any organization that does that. I donate my magazines to my local library. They turn around and sell them for $.25 each as a fund raiser.

  6. Ha! Not strange at all. I love stacked things, organized things, etc. Make it monochromatic, and I nearly pass out. ;)

    Happy new year!

  7. Sometimes I pull out my floss boxes just to stare at the lovely, organized colors!

  8. I, too, love the rows of wound embroidery floss. I still have my grandmother, but when she is gone this image will always remind me of her.


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