Sometimes I just need to take a break from 'real' work to play around a bit. It sorts out my brain and it feels like hitting the reset button. It also allows me explore ideas that are always floating around in my head. Lately I've had many and I've acted on exactly... zero. So frustrating and suffocating.

The designs may look familiar. I'm reusing my, now sold out (thank you all!), die cut calendar images. Filing would definitely be a bit more fun with these.

Here are two articles that have me really thinking about my current lack of 'going for it' mentality.
- Push - As Paul says, we need to blaze our own trail and be true to ourselves. I couldn't have read this at a better time.
- You can become and indispensable linchpin The resistance that Godin talks about is exactly what I'm talking about. I need to let it go. So many ideas... so much resistance.

I just need to jump off the cliff! Anyone interested in shoving me over?

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