back home

I can't quite say 'home, sweet, home' but at least we are home. Although the stay in a hotel was quite relaxing and convenient, I just want to get to tackling the whole mess we have here.

A result of some doodling with my little C while D did homework yesterday.

It isn't all bad, because there is a silver lining to this whole situation. We now know, for sure, that we can live with less. No real shocker there at all—but when you experience it 'for real' it puts things in perspective. We stayed at a hotel this week, where we only had some clothes and personal items, a few books, school work and my laptop. That's it—and we were ok. More than ok.

If anything, we had a great time together. I realized at times that I was feeling like I was 'really' there, really present and not doing one thing will thinking about what needed to be done next (laundry, the next meal, the next project etc). We slowed down and I really enjoyed that feeling. It has given me some food for thought.

Now that we're back, I'm going to focus on becoming more lean in regards to our belongings. We just proved, that not much is needed at all so I want to take advantage of that lesson. To that effect, a good part of everything, that was dumped (in a huge hurry) either in the living room or part of the kids' rooms, will not go back to were it was before. It will either be donated, given away or thrown out. I'm actually looking forward to that.

As for waiting patiently for all the work to be done for replacing base boards, painting, insulation, water heater, etc. etc. Yuck! I will mentally kick and scream the whole way through it all.

I'll be back next week. Be well!

• • •

Check out the wonderful review Diane gave Home, Paper, Scissors! Her Craftypod podcast is one of my very favorites and I value her opinion a lot, so her words mean the world to me. Thanks Diane!


  1. so glad you are home. and I agree with the less is more. if only I could implement it!!

  2. Thanks Lisa! Yes, it's tricky but I find it works best when I'm really strict with myself. I hope it doesn't wear off!

  3. love your doodle, complete with fall time orange accents!

  4. Hello Patricia,I just stumbled over your blog and I love it.I'll be back for more :))

  5. oh, I know! When we moved out for 3 months during our water damage renovation, we had just 2 suitcases, a laptop and nothing more. Not even toys packed for the then toddler. But we were fine. It's hard to keep that mentality once you get settled in because here we are again, with more stuff (though it *could* be more I suppose!)

  6. Glad you're home. Your blog is great!

  7. You have such a positive attitude!
    Good Luck with everything!

  8. Sometimes giving or throwing away things, makes me feel like I breath better.