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Thanks to the heads up from a friend (don't you love online friendships!) I purchased the latest Do It Yourself Magazine (Winter 2009) and found that four pages were dedicated to four projects found in Home, Paper, Scissors. It's so exciting to see the word spreading around about my book.

I hadn't had a chance to really take a better look at this magazine. There are some fun projects in it and they're inspiring me to look inward a bit. Inward in the sense that it is high time to apply some of my ideas to our own home. I've been concentrating on work so much that I've neglected to make our little corner a little cozier. That will be changing and hopefully the results will be good enough to share with you.

• • •

Thank you to Apartment Therapy - OhDeeDoh for featuring my Numbers Flash Cards on their site. Welcome to those of you that are visiting via their site.

I've had some serious thoughts about using the illustrations in my flash cards for to be used for paper or fabric designs (maybe even digital applications?). I'll have to do a bit more of research to see what direction to take. Hmm.

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