happiness in the unexpected

Last week I was having one of those days where I mentally beat myself up (for the nth time) about how I simply don't manage to keep up with the house. My work was complete, but the house was a wreck. So, what did Mr. Z do? He comes home, on that same day (not knowing what I was going through), with "just because" flowers for me and for little C and chocolate for all of us. He could not have timed his sweet gesture any better. The flowers are still opening beautifully.

This morning, as I was battling with getting my mojo back (I'd lost it somehow), I got the sweetest email from a friend that simply made my morning. She snapped me out of it. Just like that.

Small acts of kindness can mean so much. Many times we will never truly know the great impact it can have on someone's day.

Speaking of which... Why don't we join Melissa of Operation Nice to celebrate her one year anniversary on Wednesday? Congratulations Mel... You rock!

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