alphabet quilt

So here's a little quilt idea using my alphabet flash cards artwork. I can't say it was my idea. It was Heather who suggested I do something like this. I don't think this is what she imagined but this is what turned out (so far). The idea is to offer this as a quick way to make a type of 'cheater' quilt. I will sell the front and back, fully designed and printed. The customer will add the batting and do the quilting. For customization, I can replace the year with the baby's name.

I love this idea because I've never made anything remotely resembling a quilt and there may be others out there that would appreciate something like this too. I hope this doesn't offend the sensibilities of those of you that have. It would definitely be a quick job for anyone with sewing experience. The only problem is that I don't know how cost effective this is. I'm still trying to figure that out and see if there is any interest.

For now I'm going to make this for my little C but in dolly size. I'll probably have to change the color to something more girly. She's all about pinks and purples. I know it looks rather simple but in my mind the quilting is another design element and the texture of the stitches will add to the whole look. Right now this image just looks very flat.

I'm going to keep the gray and use a rich/subtle raspberry color to replace the blue for little C's quilt. One of the patterns (still working on them) will be for the fabric on the back and the ABC rectangle on the right will be the front of a small pillow sham. The dotted lines show where I'll quilt it. Click on the image to see it slightly larger.

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Thank you so much for all your comments to yesterday's post! You are all so generous and I feel so encouraged by your words. I'm really touched. As every comment came in, I couldn't help but smile every single time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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