all that shines

Here is the result of a random request from little C. She asked me for a crown for her small stuffed penguin. Hmm. Ok. Five minutes later, plus 15min for drying, these were the results. I used a scrap strip of paper that wasn't more than a couple of inches wide and about the length of a letter-sized page. I eyeballed it and cut the curves freehand, sprayed the paper with adhesive spray and sprinkled a handful of glitter on it and used one staple to seal the ends together. If I could please my daughter as easily with all of her requests I'd be in heaven.

For the record I'm not really a glitter type person (gasp say all glitter lovers everywhere) and yet this is the second glittered crown I make. The first was much bigger. I made if for my D's Wise Man's school costume in December. Instead of paper I used cardstock and it held up perfectly. That's why I am the owner of a bottle of Martha Stewart glitter and that's why little C knew exactly what she wanted.

In the interest of full disclosure - The day I bought the gold glitter I couldn't stop my hand from grabbing the clear glitter. I used a bit on our Christmas cards. So, ok you got me. Maybe glitter does have a purpose in my life.

Small shop update :: I've received several emails from customers interested in a smaller format of my alphabet flash cards. I finally got a chance to resize all my artwork so they are now available in the shop. Each flash card is now 1/4 of a letter-sized page and very handy for little hands.
• • •

Check out the site of one my husband's cousins. We just found out he rents out 'fincas' (ranch style vacation homes) in different areas in Colombia. If we go next year the hardest thing will be to pick the city to visit.

For those of you that have never been or seen anything related to Colombia, aside from all the bad stuff we all know about, please take a few seconds to view the video on the home page. It really is a beautiful country with warm and hard working people.


  1. oh, how sweet, simple, and sparkly that little crown is. i absolutely LOVE when things happen that way--serendipity!

  2. I love sparkles! I just hate when they get everywhere (especially the itty bitty glitter). That crown is adorable

  3. Love your simple - but extremely pretty - crown. Very clever - and so much better than a crummy shop-bought version. She must have loved it. xx

  4. I'm not much into glitter either, which I guess is odd since most papercrafters pour it onto everything! LOL! My mom keeps sending me glitter... in like every color. I think I crown would be the perfect way to use it!

  5. That crown is so cute! I'm not so glitter girl but a crown have to be super sparkling!
    I'm form Venezuela... I totally understand what you mean with a beautiful country with warm and hard working people :)

  6. love these too! what cute flash cards

  7. I enjoy your site, such neat ideas!

    Thank you for posting something nice about Colombia, the country is beautiful, people are so friendly! Truly a diverse place, that I sincerely hope more people will visit.