sew positive

Inspired by Holly's creative series I'm going to, as she put it, "just do it". I'm also going to make a point of forcing myself out of my comfort zone.

I received a copy of Softies Only a Mother Could Love a few days ago and Little C and I went through it immediately. It's an adorable book of softies designed by crafters from around the world. All the designs are truly unique. Maybe a little too unique in Little C's opinion (Mom, that one looks scary). But she did ask me to make her the donkey designed by Myra Masuda (My Little Mochi). We'll see how it goes.

I only know how to sew very simple things and this doesn't look very beginner friendly to me but I'm going to go for it anyway. I have everything I need because for someone who doesn't sew, I have plenty of fabric to choose from. I think it's my inner positive self hoping that some day I will use it all on magnificent projects. Sure.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Go for it! I mean what could possible go wrong? Doesn't look the greatest... who cares? You'll have fun and feel productive.

    Have a great weekend Patricia,

  2. My daughter saw this one at Books On The Square and loved everyone of those little creatures. It made her want to sew as soon as we got home, and indeed she did. It's inspiring to see what kids come up with. Thanks for reminding us of this one! Jason

  3. I was just given a copy of Sew What! Bags to review and I love it--

  4. Hi Patricia,
    I made the little donkey from the book - the only softie i've attempted. My tip is to stuff his little front legs quite full of stuffing. Mine didn't get enough and ends up doing the splits and putting his nose to the ground. Apart from that he wasn't too challenging. Enjoy the making and I look forward to seeing your finished product.

  5. Hola,
    Félicitaion para tu blog.
    Es genial. Las ideas son grandes.
    Gracias ...
    Con mucho gusto
    visita mi blog

  6. Oh so cute! Be sure to post up pics of your little masterpieces!

  7. Sewing machine's intimidate me. I'm much better at hand-sewing things, but that takes FOREVER. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do!

  8. Go for it girl. I actually think you are a master seamstress in disguise - I have seen some of the things you have "whipped up" overnight before. It will be adorable I know it.