it's a spring thing

Every year, around springtime, I get the urge to do something with my hair. Typically it involves cutting a good portion of it off. I know the time has come when all I do is pull my hair up day after day after day. If I ask Mr.Z what he prefers (long/short) I always get the very diplomatic (smart?) 'you look great either way' answer. He'll won't admit it, but I know he does prefer it long.

Our opinions on graying hair are another matter. His mother has a very pretty full head of white hair. He thinks that it would work great for me too. Ummm. No. I love my MIL dearly but I'm not her. That's my blunt and maybe not so smart (but won't change) answer to that one.

So this is what I look like today. The flip on the bottom is just my curly hair trying to rebel the straightening I tried out for today. The look completely changes when it's curly.

For the record, I'm terrified of dying my hair. I've never done it and there are more than a few dozen gray hairs all over my head. Not sure when I'll get up the courage to get them taken care of. On the flip-side, I'm very low maintenance in the beauty department and the idea of having to keep track of roots just sucks the will power out of me.

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