while he was away

On Saturday we spent a fun and leisurely afternoon which included a carousel ride I had promised my little C. We were on day two of being without Mr. Z who was out of town and some entertainment and quality time together were of the essence. We took turns on picking what we wanted to do or eat.

I took this photo with my iPhone and I'd say that in general terms it describes our kids' personalities. There goes my little C flying by (in pink and blue) while my D watches from a distance. She may tend to be my little adventurer while he goes for the safe bet but they're equally sweet and have hearts of gold.

Daddy is home and now we all feel whole again.


  1. That's cool how this photo sums up their personalities. I can't wait to have children and see how their personalities develop!

  2. My girls are the same way. My little Oli is the adventurous one, and my older Isa is the protector, the observer, the detective of all actions. I love their individual ways of being.

  3. So cute! It's funny how the photo captures their personalities as well. ;)

  4. Awesome shot! Don't you just love that phone? Thanks for giving us a little glimpse into your kids' personalities, too. So wonderful to have a photo to illustrate it!

  5. I SO know what you mean! Mine are like that too! Don't you think it makes it so much more fun and interesting? It amazes me how each child can be so different and still so special!


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