this afternoon

Seeing pink in the sky got the kids rather excited ("take a picture mom!"). My little C was particularly amused since it's her favorite color.

Who needs Top Chef when I have this little one under our own roof. I love how she was wearing her brand new chef's coat (embroidered with her name!) and hat given to her by my brother and his fiancée with her slippers.

Feeling very sick at the moment. I will succumb to the calling of my warm blankets and fluffy pillow. Nite!


  1. That's a lovely sky you've got there. It must be really awesome staring at it with your kids.

  2. love the chef picture. She looks very determined and focused... Hope you feel better.

  3. Love the chef photo! Hope you're feeling better today.

  4. Capital A Adorable. Lookit those slippers!

  5. those are some amazing photos. funny I call my daughter little d.

  6. Beautiful photo! And love the chef outfit - what is she cooking?

  7. I love to cook in squishy slippers. Cute gift idea. Feel better!!

  8. Thanks everyone - the good wishes worked. I'm much better.

    Lotta - yes, determined is a very good way to describe my little C. I took the pictures at the moment she brushed me aside because "I can do this by myself mom".

    Jk - We were making chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

    Michelle - The gift was so adorable. It's a set of a chef coat and 6 hats (like she needs that many!). The front edges and sleeves have black piping but there are other colors available.

  9. O

    i can only hope to have photos like this someday...

    btw, i am now in the new century and you are one of my subscriptions in bloglines!!!! thank god for them.

  10. My kids love telling me to take pictures of the sky, too.


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