memories on paper

Memories is the name of my latest printable stationery set. I named it that way because I think that even though we may not all have carved our initials in a heart on a tree we do have those special times and places that we remember fondly. This tree is a symbol of the good times. The heart is blank so that you can 'carve' your own initials and those of someone special.

I've went back and forth between printing this design as actual block print cards or leaving it for a printable set. I decided for the later to offer an option that wasn't as geometric as my previous designs.

Speaking of block prints, my cards are back—at the request of a customer. I thought about it and decided that yes I do miss working with ink and paper. For now I only have three old designs in my shop but more will be coming—slowly.


  1. Just lovely! And leaving the heart to be filled in is perfect.

  2. That tree design is muchly sweet.

  3. Great looking stationary. Do you sell these online?

  4. Lovely, reminds me of the Giving Tree. =)

  5. i LOVE the idea of "carving" your own initials!

    CRAP i already bought craig a v-day card. :(

  6. I love this. I know we rely so much on email. But there is nothing like getting a letter in the mail on beautiful stationary!

  7. Fantastic! Love the heart on the tree and how graphic it is!


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