love comes in all shapes and sizes

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support. Every comment just made me smile. You're all so very kind.

I've been a little quiet because I've been hard at work on all the great ideas you gave me in my giveaway thread. When I have so many fun ideas in the works I wish I could work at twice the speed or have a week worth of 'just work on what I want' time.

These l.o.v.e. boxes came about because my little C was playing with her alphabet wooden blocks one day and I just had the urge to make them as favor boxes. I will have the complete alphabet available as soon as I finish all the illustrations. It'll just take me a bit to finish 3 illustrations per letter. But I'm really happy with the ones I've done so far. This will be the only set of alphabet blocks that will be red. I'm using a different color palette for the whole set. I can't wait to finish them all.


Mommy snippet - While I was getting dinner ready, my little C decided she needed to put a small stuffed giraffe to bed. She found a toy blanket (which is one I used to use at her age - yep, it's still around) for the bed, a little pillow. All she was missing was another one to cover the giraffe. She asked me to help her find one. I followed her to her room and after we found what she needed she was so happy that she skipped out to keep on playing. Walking behind her and seeing her skipping like that sent such a wave of happiness over me. It was such a very short moment but it was sweet, spontaneous and just plain ol' happy. I caught myself smiling all the way to the kitchen.


  1. Genius! Absolutely. I can't love them more.

    Wait ... was that a pun? ;)

  2. Those are so cute. Hey, did you see the coloring cards from The Brown Pen (etsy)? Maybe you could make a set of those with the illustrations. I think theirs are a bit small (9 up). I think 4 up would be more useful. I printed them out and cut them, then punched the corners to curve them, and they were cute, but a tad tiny. Just a thought. I'd be your first customer.

    Congrats on the book, great job.

  3. Patricia, I love those little boxes. It seems like coming up with three little illustrations per letter might be a good project to get your kids involved on. Brainstorming as a family is such fun.

  4. These are so cute! What weight paper do you use to make them look so straight, and not bowed in the middle? Or are these wooden?

    What a lovely moment with your daughter. The little moments like that are what makes life so beautiful.

  5. Yay! Alphabet! Love! Blocks! I can't wait to see the whole set.

  6. Thanks everyone! :)

    Courtney - I've seen Nichole's coloring pages. Cute! I'm actually thinking of turning all my graphics into alphabet flash cards. You've given me the idea of leaving them as outlines so that a child can use them for coloring too. Great idea!

    Kristina - It's funny that you say that. We were all actually doing that over the weekend. :)

    Dionne - I use thick card stock and I make all my creases/folds with a bone folder - the best little tool ever.

  7. Such a sweet idea for boxes. I love the mommy snippet, too. My daughter comes out of preschool with such huge smiles and so full of enthusiasm that I find myself grinning along with her all the way home.