back to reality

We had such a great Christmas! My parents, brothers and future sister-in-law came over for Christmas Eve and they all spent the night to be here for Christmas as well. We topped everything off with a very laid back weekend. We stayed home and played with our new toys and just relaxed. Boohoo to Monday morning when Mr. Z must go back to work and we all start our routines once again.

Christmas eve snippet:
I heard the kids playing together in the living room, where they were listening to music they had selected. I caught a second of their conversation and took a peek to see what they were doing. They each had one of their teddy bears in one hand and had them facing each other on the coffee table. The only thing I heard was D's bear asking little C's bear one thing: "May I have this dance?" -- Melt! Can they stay this cute and innocent? How much more of this do we still have?

This afternoon I took some time to work on a small project—another calendar. I know, I know. Another one? Yes, because on occasion, I have customers give me suggestions about what products they'd like to see and when I think it's a good idea I run with it. This time, I had someone email me asking me if I had plans for making a calendar that would simply be a printable—with no cutouts—for those that don't have the time for the work or the confidence with their cutting skills. She suggested I use the patterns I've designed for my fabric and printable stationery. So here it is. Thank you G. for the idea! :)


  1. that is a great story! from my experience they don't get less cute - it is just that those moments become more precious because of their infrequency! ;)

  2. love the printable calendar idea, patricia. happy new year!

  3. this is great! i often thought about how it was such a great design, but i didn't want to put the effort into finding fabric/paper that i liked for the background! how horribly lazy is that? they're beautiful!