no more excuses

Look what I got in the mail from Spoonflower! This will definitely spur me on to get to my sewing machine out and running. I really wish the fabric where heavier but the ability to print my own design was just too irresistible. Remember the little sample swatches I got a while back? The detail and coverage were great (for my purposes - a novice that isn't selling any fabric related products) so that's why I decided to go ahead with this fabric. I did have an issue with colors. They were muted on my swatch, so I'm glad I got a sample to go by.

The design has been sitting in my computer for ever. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I'm going to start collecting my hand drawn doodles. This is a sample of what I've been collecting as far as digital 'doodles' go. I have a folder full of patterns and I like working on them every now and then. I think I've mentioned wanting to design fabric but I haven't done anything in regards to researching how to get serious about it (maybe lack of time!?). I suppose other applications are a possibility too. In any case, this is the first pattern that comes 'to life'.

No more excuses, also applies to training. Today I 'officially' started training for the Houston half-marathon that we'll be running in January. I'm already 3 weeks behind schedule and running only 4 miles today proved how lame my conditioning is right now. Lame with a capital L! Ugh! But at least I started. Maybe the Olympics had something to do with it. How awesome (and eerily daunting at the same time) where those opening ceremonies?

UPDATE :: I've decided to go ahead and start selling this pattern as fat quarters. I'll be listing my new fabric designs on my Etsy shop as I produce them. Take a peek here.


  1. ooh, i love everything about this fabric. It will be perfect for the project you have in mind. Please share photos of the finished product.

  2. This is great. It's nice there's a service like Spoonflower. I love the idea of having a fabric print you designed yourself.
    You'll be fine with the half in January. It's definitely better to show up prepared. How fun. I did a few triathlons a while back and oh how I miss being fit.
    I watched the opening ceremonies live as we're in the same timezone here in Perth. It was interesting but definitely not my favourite opening ceremonies. I liked learning about the Chinese inventions though.

  3. Patricia,

    You're so wonderfully talented! This pattern rocks.

    Spoonful sounds like a great service. I'd use it. Always thought doing custom cuban shirts would be cool.

    Thanks again for being part of my new book.


  4. I love your fabric design. I've been wanting to try spoonflower, but haven't found the time.
    I'm glad to hear about your process and that they offer swatches before you actually print the final piece.

  5. So very nice! Can't wait to see your latest sewing project now.

  6. The fabric looks great - good luck!

  7. the fabric looks fab... i've wanted to try spoonflower too...

    and happy anniversary! [i'd love the long version!]

  8. Your fabric is great! Can't wait until Spoonflower is up and running for big amounts of yardage. The quality should be better when they get their new equipment!

  9. i've just discovered your blog thanks to a friend and I find it very very inspiring, love you CLEAN design and creativity.
    Thank you for sharing, I shall be back!
    alexandra s.m.

  10. Love the fabric. And good luck with the training--even 4 miles sounds grueling to me!

  11. The fabric turned out great!

  12. Oh, how wonderful. Now I am inspired to get started on my own spoonflower project (it's been brewing for a while). Happy anniversary!

  13. I love that pattern. I would be willing to purchase a yard of your fabric. No, I don't sew much, but I LOVE fabric and the patterns on them. The patterns make me very happy.


  14. I love your pattern! I have never heard of spoonflower, but I am so inspired by their concept now that I headed over there the instant I saw your post. It's totally got me psyched! Thanks for posting about them.


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