catching up + thinking ahead

I put this stationery together early this morning for some thank you messages I owe. The design is the same one I used for my latest banner and it's just a small part of a growing collection of patterns that I haven't done anything with. I have several ideas of what I want to do with them. One in particular is designing fabric. Maybe that's a little presumptuous of me. But can you imagine?! That would be such an interesting project to work on.

There's nothing interesting to tell regarding last week's disappearance. I was sick the whole time so not much got done in the crafty department. I only worked on client work and my book projects of course. The next few days will be for catching up on everything else (laundry!).

Happy Monday!


  1. Have you heard of Spoonflower? They print fabric on demand, so you can print as little or as much of your design as you want! It's still in beta, so you have to sign up to get in, but it's worth the wait!

    Fabric designing is SO much fun, and I can tell you'd be really good at it! (I'm still playing around!)

  2. Yes! I have heard of Spoonflower. I forgot to mention that. I've already signed up but haven't received an invitation yet. It sounds like a good option to test the waters first.

  3. I think designing fabric is a fantastic idea. I would definitely encourage you because you are doing a phenomenal job with the stationary. Good luck.

  4. Sorry you weren't well and hope you are feeling better now. Like the neat design for the stationery.
    It makes for a nice banner design as well. I noticed that right away. It's nice to get a wee makeover isn't it?

  5. I could totally see you designing fabric!