tiny sewing adventure

We had a very busy weekend getting ready for my D's first communion. It took place yesterday and it was a beautiful celebration. He was so happy and proud of himself. I also had my proud mommy cry moment.

For the ceremony, the boys needed to wear dark pants, a white shirt and a white tie. Easy—or so you would think. The first two items where store bought and simple enough to find. The last item is the one that got me in trouble. I went to the store that was recommended for purchasing the tie. As soon as I saw their selection I knew I had to try to make my own. If you've read my blog long enough you'll know that I'm not confident with a sewing machine at all. So this was a big decision and a risk to take even if there was just a really simple tie involved. Here is what I learned.

The good:
- If you're going to make a tie, having an old one to pull apart is a sure way to make things go faster. Even if the old one is an elastic-around-the-neck version.
- You can never go wrong with linen.
- Sewing isn't as intimidating as I make it out to be.
- A bone folder is also a good tool to help push out corners.

The bad:
- You don't make a tie the night before a big event. Yikes!! I honestly tried to get it done sooner but it just didn't happen.
- If you want a real tie (no elastic) make sure you figure out the length of the tie that will be used to make a knot.
- You don't cut something close to your finished product because you may nick it. Duh!

The priceless:
- Your son thinks his tie looks great and gives you a heartfelt thank you.
- As predicted, he asks to take the tie off an hour after the ceremony (keeping it on much longer than expected) but tells you to "make sure you don't mess it up" when you put it in your purse.

One small sewing project is complete. Hopefully more elaborate ones will come.


  1. My son made his first communion this weekend too! Congratulations on making the tie. I am sew-phobic myself, so I was very impressed :)

  2. I love it when procrastination has such great results!

  3. ooh, it looks perfect! Funny how the pressure of a last minute project (or one you have to fit into the last minute) ends with a sparkly fabulous result. And 3 cheers for dusting off the machine and sewing, see...it's not sew bad :-)

  4. How perfectly turned out he looks. Hope you all had a special day.

  5. How wonderful to have first communion on Ascension Sunday! What a beautiful tie and sweet story, Patricia!

  6. Patricia, great job. It looks marvelous. I hope you get hooked on sewing. Congrats on your sons achievement and I am glad all of you had a memorable day.

  7. I've not really been around boys that much, except at school. I wouldn't have ever thought a boy would treasure a tie like that. What an honor and compliment to you. That is so neat.

    I feel the same way you do with sewing. I could make a kickin' cut paper one, but fabric? I dunno.

  8. So charming! And didn't it turn out beautifully!