you make my day

I've received a 'you make my day' award from Kristel. Thank you so much! It's so nice to receive such an award. The thought of making someone's day with my blog is so heart warming.

The award rules are:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make your day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they've won by commenting on their blogs.

It was so difficult to pick just 5 blogs because I have so many that I do visit and find so inspiring. My awards go to:
- Six and a Half Stitches - Allison's work and photography are amazing. I also really enjoy her writing.
- Bookhou - Arounna's work caught my eye the very first time I saw it.
- Uniform Studio - Martha's work with fabric is just amazing.
- Hoping for Happy Accidents - A very peaceful and inspiring blog to visit.
- Skinny laMinx - Heather's paper cutting and printed designs are so striking!

And I could go on and on... Liquid PaperEmma's blogAssemblage, Print and Pattern, Posy Gets CozyAngry ChickenKirin Notebook, Shim and Sons, Five and a Half ... Lack of talent is definitely not a problem in the blogging world.

Speaking of making my day - Yesterday, I was feeling rather irate because once again I found someone copying my work rather blatantly - and no, it's not flattering. I can understand being inspired by someone but I can never understand literally copying some else's work. It's not the first time it happens to me and I'm fully aware that it will certainly not be the last. As I was pondering all this, my little C came up to me to wish me a happy Valentine's day by offering me a page full of her pencil drawn hearts and an enormous hug (which unfortunately doesn't come too often - she's not as spontaneous with her affection as her brother). I melted to bits. She made me forget what I was thinking about and reminded me, once again, of what really matters to me. She completely made MY day.


  1. I always find it hard to send off things people have bought - I think when it becomes something which is just churned out or made for the sake of selling, I'll quit. Until then everyone gets a piece of me. Thankyou so much for the link as well, I always find calm and peace in your blog and your work.

  2. The little hearts are so precious! best valentine ever.

  3. Thanks so much for saying I help to make your day! You have been such an incredibly generous blogger, you deserve a bonus version of the prize yourself!

    Love the valentine's day hearts, and hope you're having a happy, love-filled one today.