more hearts

These are just some photos I took to create my new header (finally!) Don't get too tired of my hearts yet because there is one more little project coming up this week. Then I'll let them go.

I think that a cute project would be to use this heart duplicated several times on several strings to create a mobile. All I did was cut several hearts and glued them back to back all the way around. Before gluing the last two hearts I placed some yarn in the center. I used 7 hearts but you can use more or less according to preference and patience.


  1. so so pretty - i love the simple white heart!

  2. This looks great in your new header.... I also love the recycled egg carton heart from your previous post. I might give it a go with my little princess (my daughter) for her to give her daddy this valentines day. we'll use string like you suggested instead of a frame... Thanks for the great idea!!!


  3. you really never cease to amaze me. i think you're my recycle hero! :) your latest project are great, hugs!

  4. Thank you so much everyone! I'm glad you like the project!

  5. Great, great, great!!!
    Thanks :D

  6. I just found your blog this week and am excited to try this heart project! It is kind of like something you might see in one of the displays of an Anthropologie store. They have some neat paper art in their displays! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas so beautifully. That's one of the nicest things about blogging is that it makes the world a more beautiful place I think! Have a great weekend. Kelly


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