Even though I won't be attending the annual HOW Conference (in Atlanta this year) I will be there in spirit. My design work and my A Little Hut work will be shown in one of the sessions called "Inspired By Our Passions: The Pursuit of an Enriched Life". The session will be about how graphic designers are pursuing other avenues that interest them outside of graphic design. The photos that I sent for my ALH work are my favorites from this blog (including the photo of the "new" me - remember?). I wish I could be there to see how the presentation will be put together. It's humbling (and kind of scary!) that so many designers will see my work.


Who doesn't like to color? I've had these little animal characters drawn up for a long time. I made them one night when I was procrastinating from doing real work. ;) Today little C and I used them for the first time to color them in using our favorite bucket full of crayons. I think I'm going to start making these simple pages for little C to enjoy. It'll be a nice break from Strawberry Shortacake, My Little Pony, et al (at least for me! lol). I used basic shapes on purpose because she's getting her circles, squares and rectangles a little mixed up. Maybe this will help her out and make it fun at the same time.

I forgot to mention that I got a little attention from HOW on their blog the other day. Thank you!! :)

breathe in, breathe out

Just popping in to say hello. Yes, I'm still alive! :) I've just been very busy with design work, getting ALH orders ready, being a mom/wife and going to soccer games. That's about it really. I'll be happy to be back posting other goodies soon. My hands are itching to make something new!!

Lately I've been working in the living room a lot. A mix of cashews and raisins keeps me going!

We're still in the midst of celebrating little C's 4th birthday. Her party is this coming weekend.

High-fives after a good game. Soccer dominates all our Saturday mornings. The season is almost over - only one more game to go.

If you haven't had a chance you should take a peek at the interview I posted yesterday on Crafty Synergy. I love Shoshona's work. Beautiful!

the birdies are back

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It was the first time that I've had to use a jacket on Easter Sunday. Brrrr.

Nothing new to show today. I just reposted my little birds' nest card which for some reason hadn't made it into the shop this second time around. I will be offering it in silver and blue.

I've got to run! The to-do list today is a mile long!! Have a great day!

happy easter!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Two trees No. 2 - a piece that I made today. It is now available at A Little Hut.


Another experiment. Another idea I had to get out of my head. I've always loved working white on white. There was no planning involved in this so these branches are a little too jumbled for my taste. I really like the idea of using several layers and implying perspective.

Who didn't twirl around with a pretty skirt when they where a little girl? My little one is no exception. :)

illustration friday - snap

I'm still obsessing with trees. This one just has a little visitor this time. Poor guy...what a rude awakening! ;)

I've been crazy busy this week so this was a 5 minute sketch that I did to take a breather.

new wall art

A rainy Saturday gave me time to work on some wall art. I also took the plunge and decided to open an Etsy shop. You can see it here.

The first two pieces will be available on my online shop on Tuesday. I will be posting a couple more of my bare trees this week as well. As much as I like them they will be the last ones until I revive them in the fall. I feel like it's time for me to explore other images. If anyone would like to request/commission trees after this week please contact me by email. I would be more than happy to give some more trees a new home! :)

Bird house

A cup of coffee - made with a scrap of left over balsa wood.

Comfort food. Plantain again but this time it's 'maduros'= the sweet kind. Just as yummy. These clay dishes are very typical in Colombia. Every time we go I bring back a few more pieces. I love them.