Finally. For those of you that visit my blog frequently you really won't be seeing anything new. I still have products to add but I figured if I keep making up excuses not to open I never will. I did the same the very first time I opened the shop.

I ended up keeping the cards in the same colors I worked on the other day. Sometimes I feel like a little color and sometimes the silver is the perfect way to go. I'm thinking people will be the same. To be perfectly honest I'm in love with the silver more and more every day...

I know I'm starting slow but I prefer it that way. I hope you like it! :)

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  1. Hi! I have been visiting your blog regularly and I love the silver on these pieces. I think it lets your designs speak more for themselves. They look great.
    I am working toward my own blog and shop in the coming year and feel lucky to be inspired but such talented people :) Best of luck.