Nothing grand

Today I had few minutes before picking up the kids from school to get an idea out of my head. I've had scraps of cork floating around the studio since my Christmas ornament project and I haven't been able to just throw them away. In keeping with my "use what I have" resolution (what impulse purchase of balsa wood? ha!) here is a project that isn't exactly a failure but definitely not a resounding success either. I almost decided against posting it but what the heck. Value can also be found in our so-so projects don't you think? This was supposed to work as a long bulletin board for a very narrow section we have next to one of the doors in our studio. It's hung but probably not for long. It looked better in my mind. Oh well.

Speaking of projects and not really getting attached to them, I read this post, (that I found through Sally), and I really understand much of it. The part that is more in line with what I feel about what I do is the fact that I don’t really dwell on something I’ve worked on for that long at all. Once something is done I move on. I’d rather be ‘doing’ than sitting back and admiring my handiwork if that makes sense.

Totally random thoughts that just popped into my head... Have I ever mention that I almost studied industrial design? I still have a secret longing to do it. If tuition and time away from home weren't an issue (in dreamland!), yes, I'd go for it. My other dream/crazy idea is to publish a book about crafty projects where your main tool is an Xacto knife. I don't know what I'd do without mine!

By the way, thank you SO much for all your lovely comments (here and on my flickr page) regarding my balsa trees. I greatly appreciate them all. You are simply too kind!! :)


  1. I'm all in on the craft book. My x-acto is an extension of my
    pointer finger.

  2. Love the ornament... it has such great layering!