This is a little experiment I tried. It's a vector illustration inspired by the block print that I made on Friday. I got this idea that I needed to see it as a pattern so I decided to work on it for a while tonight. To be honest, I prefer the handmade quality of the block print directly on fabric. The feel of the lines is obviously different. Regarding the color, it seems like I'm in a blue color rut. I need to work on getting out of that. Anyway...I tried it. It was an interesting exercise. Now I can move on to the next thing. ;)


  1. I'm sure I could look it up, but I'll be lazy and ask. What's a vector illustration?

  2. I have to agreed with the block printing on fabric. It's so unpredictable on how it will look. Something you just don't get with a vector illustration.

  3. Vector art is produced digitally with software such as Adobe Illustrator. The results are usually crisp lines and images.

  4. its great. but i can definetly know what your talking about. the stamp directly on fabric is more organic looking.

    both beautiful though...


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