Illustration Friday - Glamour

I decided to just go with vector art on this one. I wanted to keep the shading to a minimum while not making it too flat at the same time.

Illustration Friday - Glamour sketch

Here is the sketch I started for this week's theme. I haven't submitted anything yet. I want to see what I can do as far as color. I'm undecided as far as keeping it like this (more sketchy) or making it cleaner by converting it to vector art. One of my goals for this year is to flex my illustration muscles. I haven't done a drawing like this in YEARS so forgive the imperfections (her nose for ex. looks kind of weird to me). She's just in phase one anyway. I've been stuck on the cutesy/cartoony type drawings and doodles. I'm going to try to experiment with different styles/tools/techniques every week. I hope I can keep it up.

Want to know how to be creative?

Read this! I'm still reading it as I type this. I just think is so good that I had to share. Off to continue reading. The record for the shortest post ever, huh?

Crafty Synergy - a new blog!

I'm always amazed at how the ladies at The Switchboards are very resourceful in regards to their PR. They try to get their names out there as much as possible. I've tried to come up with a way to help all of us stand out a little more and the inspiration finally came today as I read another blog. I'm a fan of Design Inspiration, a blog that highlights graphic designers and illustrators and the thought occured to me that I could use the same model for the crafty ladies at the SB's (or any others that want to join in the fun!!).

The name of the new blog for crafty women in business is called Crafty Synergy. Check it out and please forward to those interested in supporting indie businesses. If anyone reading this post is interested in participating just contact me and I'll be happy to put you in queue (this will be a first come/first serve basis). I hope this helps and people find it interesting!

EDIT: Just wanted to mention that I did contact the creator of Design Inspiration and told him about my idea. He gets ALL the credit for the model of this type of blog. He was totally cool with me doing the same. I just had to clarify that (maybe for my own piece of mind).

Illustration Friday - Cats

Well here is my first Illustration Friday for this year. My kitty has an umbrella in honor of today's nasty weather. It was dark and gray all day. One of those days when you stay home, play games, watch TV (football) and walk around in your PJs all day. That's pretty much what we did.

Taking the day OFF!

Yes, I'm still basking in my 1/2 marathon accomplishment from yesterday but today I'm a happy limping/walking like a penguin runner. To think that I actually have to do a small run/walk to get rid of this pain is just not fun to even think about at this point. I decided to take the day off from EVERYTHING. I have both kids here today because of the holiday so we've been playing on the floor in the living room for most of the day. Today I am grateful for a gray/gloomy day (not like yesterday which was perfect!) so I have the perfect excuse to stay indoors.

Whew! What a weekend!

Saturday - Little D's birthday party was fun and went really well. I think (hope!) that everyone had a good time. The party started at noon so it was hard to keep D distracted until then. He just couldn't wait to be at his party and with his friends. Presents were obviously on his mind as well! ;)

Here are the magnets that I designed and ordered from Button Arcade as little parting gifts. I tried coming up with something other than the usual goodie bag stuff that I really dislike. I think these turned out cute.

Sunday - Houston Marathon Day!
This morning I ran my first half-marathon and it was a blast. I didn't have a specific goal time-wise. I just wanted to finish and keep up with my training group. I did finish and I didn't lose my group until about mile 10 when I started faiding so I'm happy. The last time I ran before today was in November. I didn't run in December and January because too much was going on so the fact that I did what I did is pretty good in my book. My brother ran the full marathon and is trying to recruit me to do that with him next year. We shall see!

I was a dorky first-timer and carried a camera with me. Here's a shot as I approached downtown Houston again (mile 11) and one of my medal (I know horrible pic). I'm a happy camper! :)

And yes, I was supposed to go live with A Little Hut tomorrow and that will not be happening. I'm sticking to the the "not killing myself" resolution and will open when I'm good and ready. I'd rather do it right and not rush into anything I'm not 100% ready to show everyone.

6! Oh how time flies...

So my little D is not so little anymore. He turned 6 today and he was all smiles. He was so proud of being 'king' for the day at school and we celebrated with a mini cake here at home. His big birthday party will be on Saturday and he's looking forward to it. Happy Birthday my little 'big' guy! :)

All about priorities

Hope everyone had a good New Year's. Ours was very calm. We had to cancel our party this year because our little C got sick. She really needed some rest. So, the A Little Hut Jan 1st launch got postponed to January 16th. Family took obvious precedence. Can't wait to be live though!

Lately I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to get things done as if someone where rushing me to do it. I've decided this year is going to be different. I will keep my priorities straight and go a little more with the flow of how our life is going. No rush. Get things done but not kill myself for no reason. A tired, grouchy mommy isn't a very good one at all.

Little D's birthday is coming up, I have a 3 day weekend business trip, I have a couple of websites in the production phase, I'm still working on A Little Hut, I'm doing the once a year purging around the house one room at a time, etc. Yes, my plate is full as usual but I'm trying to keep everything in order and I'm all about organization this year. I've never been at keeping a 'to do' list but I'm trying. My brain needs to download stuff and I've noticed that writing things down helps.

So it looks like I have resolutions after all.