Back in business

My other blog am intrigued is alive and well again. Just thought I'd mention it. For those of you that have never visited I use that blog to post about finds that inspire and intrigue me. I post about architecture, jewelry, art, toys, and design in general -- anything that catches my eye.

As a sidenote - for those of you that have never used bloglines: USE IT! It will save you tons of time. It's kind of a pain to organize but once you get going it's a breeze. I used to be one that would go from post to post going down my list of bookmarks. No more! I love it! :)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I love bloglines as well. It sure makes surfing the blogs easy!

  2. yes! I don't know why I didn't start using it sooner.

    Thanks for visiting Lauren! :)

  3. I have your am intrigued blog bookmarked now! What exactly does bloglines do? They don't explain themselves very clear on their homepage...

  4. thanks mary! :) bloglines is basically a place to bookmark all your blogs. you view them there so you don't have to go to each individual blog everytime and it reveals only the latest post of the blog. it's amazing how much time it saves.

  5. Hi Patricia! Loved reading the accounts of your summer.

  6. Hi Jeope! Thanks for 'stopping' by! ;)


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