Thoughts in the middle of the night

I've been posting my attempts at getting my illustration skills going again at a couple of places (other than Illustration Friday) that are worth mentioning (may have done so already so bear w/me!): Sugar Frosted Goodness and Three Thumbs Up Award. The first is a blog full of illustrators that just completely intimidate me. I post feeling like the freshman of the class. The latter, is a new blog where there are all sorts of creative work. I check both regularly because the creativity of others is truly inspiring.

I find that my illustrations have no rhyme or reason regarding style. I'm experimenting and testing things out. I hope your pupils pardon my lamer attempts. Normally I wouldn't show these pieces (sometimes half-cooked!) around so much but it just seems like the only way to just jump into the fray and see what happens. Unfortunately (or fortunately!!) I only get the positive feedback from the nice people that post comments. A serious crit would probably be a kick in the pants but it'd be nice to hear at some point --- maybe. ;)

I read this in the Artist's Sketchbook magazine this weekend and it helped me with my thoughts of insecurity (I guess that's what they are): "Don't judge and don't give up. Somewhere along the way you'll think your work is no good and wonder why you're even bothering. This is the time to persevere. Even the most accomplished, full-time artists feel that way, but they work through it because they know it's common and temporary".

I'm sneaking in this post while everyone else sleeps. I'd better go do the same myself. I leave you with another quickie doodle. Ta-ta!


  1. I think the Sketchbook quote is true. I have lots of times when I feel insecure about my work. Sometimes even part way through a painting it doesn't look right, and I feel like throwing it out. I'm often surprised at how it can come together if I just keep working at it.

  2. Thanks for your comments Claire. It's nice to see that I'm not alone and that someone with your experience goes through this as well.

  3. Thanks for that Sketchbook quote. I think it could apply to other areas and not just art. I feel insecure about my work often. Maybe that's what makes us aspire to do better.

  4. Hi Pats!

    I relate whole-heartedly with your post here, having just recently scrapped my concept for "monster". Usually if something's not gelling I push it until it does (like the flying crow I did a while back). But on the other hand, if you're just not feeling it then there's not much you can do. That's what happened with "monster" - I simply didn't feel like doing it halfway through. That can happen sometimes, and it's OK.

    I also spent my first year blogging pretty much experimenting. Lately though I'm finding a style/niche and am running with it.

    And intimidation will always be there. I feel it all the time, especially on SFG. But some of it stems from other people not being more skilled, rather, they're just going about creating things differently. Example: I can't paint, and I can rarely draw anything quickly or without reference. So people who do these things intimidate me, or even bring me down for not being able to do the same. But on the other hand, I rarely let it get in the way of posting my own stuff.

  5. Yeah! I'm not alone! lol... sorry had to say that. ;)