Presenting Ana!

Well I said I'd be away from blogging until next year but I couldn't resist presenting my little creation. I picked the name so it would be easy for my 2yr old to pronounce. I finished the doll before Xmas as I had promised myself but I just finished the sweater last night.

I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself. She does have a lot of imperfections but I think she turned out nicely considering I've never doned anything like this before. I will have to say that the seam ripper was my best friend. I made the stiches shorter than the standard length because I wanted to be sure she won't fall apart but that meant that if I made any mistake pulling apart the darn thing was so much harder to do! What a pain! She doesn't have a green top as was my original plan. Just her sleeves are green. A couple of more pictures with more details can be seen here.

Like I've mentioned before I admire people that can sew really well. Now, I REALLY admire their patience and tenacity. Ana doesn't look anything like Hillary's dolls but I definitely got inspired by them.

So how did the recepient react? She actually got the doll a couple of days before Xmas because my kids watched as I made her and I didn't want to confuse them with the "Santa brought you this -- But wait? I saw you make it Mom" dilemma. I showed the doll to my 2yr old before she had a face and she gave it a great big hug. The next day I embroidered her face and when she looked at it again, as soon as she saw the face her reaction was: "Wow, COOOOL!". Priceless. Totally picked up that expression from my 5yr old son.

Now, it turns out that my 5yr old wants me to make something for him. Ummm. So I asked him what he wants and he said he'd like a green dinosaur. Sooo, one dinosaur coming right up! His birthday is Jan 10th so here we go again. Where to find a pattern or idea for that? Any ideas?


  1. Dang, you did a great job. Can't wait to see the dinosaur if you decide to do it.

  2. Jeezum H. Crow, that's an adorable little thing; a fine piece of work. How big is Ana, approx.?

    btw: your snow looks all green and blade-y - very different from ours.

  3. Thanks guys! Ana is about 17.5 inches long from head to toe.

    Jeope - you'd never seen green snow before?!