Just a few random thoughts

• Had a great weekend with the family
• Just signed some papers for a litttle something that's coming down the road (won't reveal until the time is right!)
• I ended up purchasing the painting that I did with my son's class. I couldn't part with it so I overbid everyone to get it. This way I get to help out the school and we get to keep the painting. I'm happy!
• I have A LOT of work to do this week so I may not be posting much in the next few days.
• Still coming up with more ideas for my cards; still working on the website. Trying to still meet my self-imposed deadline of November.
• So the curiousity is killing me here...who's reading all this? Comments anyone? ;)


  1. i'm reading! found your blog through another paper friend! keep 'em coming!

  2. I've stumbled upon your website before. It must've been someone's link page, I can't remember. Then I saw you again after signing on SB. I read quite a few blogs, just too shy to comment.
    I think we're kind of on the same road, except you're many months ahead and also one kid ahead. LOL
    You have great work in your portfolio. Your logo work is awesome, simple and gets identity across.

  3. Thanks for visiting Marzi!

    Ponderer - thanks for the compliments. It's funny but I thought the same thing when I read your blog (about being on the same path). Keep in touch.

  4. I'm reading for the first time. I saw'r that you had a link to my site (tracking system, but don't worry - all I see is the referring link of someone who visits).

    You should show off the logos. Unless they're not to be revealed yet for some reason. Logo design is a special skill that not many people get the hang of, so to get this sorta honour is a pretty sweet deal. Congrats!

  5. Thanks for the visit and comments Jeope! I'm not sure if you know but I'm PZ01 over at H-Lounge. I love your illustrations and feel they make mine look like I'm a kindergartener!!! ;)

    You're right about the logos. I've been meaning to post them but something always comes up. Will try to post them over the weekend.