Alive again

Thanksgiving was great. We had a fun and ate yummy things. That night as I was getting ready to go to bed my throat was slightly sore. No biggie I thought. Boy was I wrong. The little doodle here is what I looked like under the covers all Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving - a big blob that didn't want to move. I ached all over, couldn't swallow without it burning like crazy and had no energy for anything. Hubby was great as far as keeping the kids entertained while they let me sleep and sleep and sleep. Not that I had plans to go face the shopping crowds but it felt weird not being able to even decorate (which was in fact the plan). We still have no tree up and my son keeps asking about it. Feeling totally guilty here.

Now I have to play catch up with clients and I'm having MAJOR butterflies about the HGTV thing on Sunday. They're coming to my house on Friday morning to go over stuff and the actual shoot will be on Sunday afternoon. Aacckkk! Oh yeah and to top it all off hubby and I are going to be godparents to two children that are being baptized on Saturday morning. Crazy, crazy week!

Off to work now!

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