the making of flower nook

Trio of leaves

The way my Mom tells it, it was my Dad who was the most concerned with keeping us stocked up on crayons and coloring books. That's where my love of artwork started. I loved coloring and drawing before I even started going to school.

There's one thing that I haven't shared about how my coloring book came about. It's on the personal side of things – something I've never talked about – but I figure, why not share it?

I've always known and believed that my artistic abilities are not my own. I was born with them — they are a gift from God. I draw, create, design because I'm compelled to, but also because, with time, I've come to understand that sharing my gift is a must. That's how I approach all my work but for whatever reason I had it more present than ever with the creation of Flower Nook.

Coming up with 50 illustrations for the coloring book was challenging because I wanted each drawing to be unique but still feel like it fit in with the others in the book. When I couldn't come up with a fresh idea I started a little ritual of just closing my eyes for a moment and asking God what I should draw. I'd open my eyes and jump in. The images and ideas would just flow. It was as simple as that. It was like it was all meant to be.

So, yes, this is a special book. I feel like I've come full circle with a destined purpose fulfilled. But it isn't the end of a path by any means. It feels like a new beginning – the start of a new phase of my work. Very exciting!

So there you have it. Sorry for the mushiness. I just had to get this out.

Back to more creating and for now the reality of putting clean laundry away. Haha!

• • •

Diane and Kjansma, you are the winners of the Flower Nook: A Coloring Book giveaway. Congratulations! I will be in touch shortly.

Thank you to all of you that participated and shared your thoughts on coloring. I loved reading every one of your comments and kind words. Too bad we all don't live close enough to have one happy coloring group — wouldn't that be fun!?

Maybe an online version? Hmmm....

• • •

These are three new cards I made for my stash. My Mom liked my previous three (last post) so much I gave them to her, so I needed some replacements. Lol! -- I drew these illustrations on Borden & Riley Boris Layout Paper for Pens and then attached to A2 sized card stock. I used the Borden & Riley Boris paper to create all the originals for my coloring book. It also takes the marker ink really well. I will definitely be getting more of this paper soon!

One more thing
I am revamping my newsletter. I haven't been terribly creative with it and some of you may have unsubscribed from it (I don't blame you!). I have a new plan in mind and look forward to creating a weekly treat for your inboxes starting next Wednesday. If you'd like to join in the fun subscribe here!


  1. You never need to apologize for mushiness, it's sharing what's in your heart so I thank you for that. May God continue to Bless you and use your gifts to bless others.

  2. Thank you Patricia, wouldn't it be lovely to have a colouring group, we could all teach each other so much!

    1. You're very welcome Diane. I hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Just got your new newsletter - really nice and thanks so much for the card!! Love your work!