my coloring book

coloring book - in progress

These are two spreads in a mock-up of what could've been my coloring book. I was testing the paper (a lot of markers and coloring on this!) and it's perfect because it took the ink really well. I say 'could've been' because today I found out the costs behind trying to go down this path — not feasible. I want to make a quality book but at the same time it needs to be affordable and this option, however awesome, wouldn't be. I was really disappointed when I found this out just today.


As luck would have it I have received information from a very generous, sweet person (thank you!!!) that will make my project a reality. The book will be reasonably priced and even though it won't be designed exactly how I had planned it, it will work well for everyone — my customers and me. Double-yay! I couldn't be any happier!

So... now to continue drawing, drawing, drawing. I'm surrounded by sheets and sheets of flowers, leaves, and many other garden pretties. I can't wait for the reveal. I'm not sure of my timetable quite yet but let's just say that the beginning of summer (no homework, more sleeping time, etc) will be very helpful! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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