2014 - a look back!


This is my 8th year making a mosaic at the end of the year. I like putting them together because it reminds me of what I've done and how far I've come.

I experimented and stretched my illustration abilities much more this year. I think that's what stands out the most to me from the past 12 months. A good part of that was because I took Lilla Roger's Marking Art That Sells classes. I learned so much and did work that I never expected to be doing. A Little Hut suffered because I didn't work on projects as consistently as I should, but I feel that in the long run, this year of exploring, will make the work to come all the better. I have many ideas and short list of goals on my 2015 list.

Here's what I'd like to see happen as far as my work in concerned (no harm in spelling out what I really want, right?):
- Licensing is the biggest item on my wish list this year. I want to see my pattern designs on a fabric line and on paper—of course! I haven't been very proactive about pursuing this recently. Time to change that.
- Some of my designs/ideas are more suited for other materials (wood!) so licensing my work to a manufacturer of home accessories would be amazing.
- I want to expand A Little Hut as far as product offerings go. I'm currently researching some options. I will share as soon as I have something concrete.

It was slower year but I did that mindful of the balance that I had to maintain to keep my sanity in check! I didn't want things to get crazy. We now have a new middle schooler and a freshman in high school (how did that happen!?) so I knew my time management skills would be running on overdrive. All in all it was a successful year. It was a year of learning and transition—a transition to more exciting things to come—I feel it!

Just as an fyi - Nowadays you'll find me most frequently on Instagram (my favorite way of staying in touch with all things creative and fun). One day I think I'll finally ditch FB for good and just stick to Instagram—really.

If you're curious...
Previous year end mosaics are here: 2007200820092010, 20112012 and 2013.

Thank you, thank you so much to those of you that still stick around and support all my efforts! Here's to an awesome 2015! Cheers and Happy New Year everyone!


  1. What a great idea! I am tempted to do the very same, because sometimes these years go by in such a blur, it's quite a surprise to look back and to see what happened. Congrats on all the beautiful work, and I'm sure 2015 will hold LOADS of exciting developments for you and your talents. xox

  2. PS: My 'Blogger' profile is irrelevent these days, but you don't have any other commenting options that allow me in! xx

    1. Thank you for this Heather. I didn't realize that my setting had changed!
      Happy new year to you too!! :)