lilla rogers global talent search

I tossed my hat in the ring! Lilla Rogers is hosting a Global Talent Search that was just too tempting to pass up. The quantity of submissions is most probably enormous and only 50 artists will make the first cut—but it's such a great opportunity.

I have no idea what my chances are but I just had to give it a try. In all honesty I can say that one of the great things that came out of going to Surtex is that I learned to let go and just step up and show everyone what I can do. If I don't then how in the world will I move forward? I just need to go for it. Why wait?

The assignment was to design a journal cover with a park theme that could be targeted for adults or children and here is what I submitted...(except my name was outside of the cover border). I really like how this turned out and I'm already thinking how I can expand this into other projects or designs. I wanted it to feel light and fun—the theme was what drove that idea. At first I thought of making an overall pattern with park items but that sounded too cold. So I turned to something that could also be used for a poster or wall art. 

One more thing... I initially thought of keeping my submission to myself. But again, why? I think that being open about making it past the cut off, or not, is a better exercise in being honest about the work I do and the leaps of faith that are involved. I care so much about what I do! This is just a little part of my journey and we'll see where it will lead me.

It will be very interesting to see the designs that make the cut. Good luck to everyone that submitted a cover! 

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