a lighthouse!


This has been one of those projects that I've been mulling over for a while. Once I sat down to actually make it I couldn't stop myself from just finishing it. Let's just say that I was a few minutes from sunrise on the day I completed the design (can't get over the night owl habit)!


I decided to give it a bit of functionality. It can be used for several things:
1.  a cake topper (not using the bottom of the box). I can see a sea themed green/blue cake that follows the lines of the box. I think that would be cute!

Oh- suggestion: how about cutting out an octagon piece of parchment paper to put under the lighthouse so that it doesn't get frosting on it and it can be saved after a party. Yes?

2. an event centerpiece
3. a gift or storage box (inspired by my idea of adding a matchbox to the Nutcracker instead of making a simple base).
4. tea light holder or nightlight (ONLY use LED tea lights please!)

- or how about just a crafternoon with something fun to make! :)


This project has 42 pieces but it's simple to make—really! If you've made my Gazebo or Nutcracker you can definitely make this.

You can order the lighthouse in the shop here


And don't forget that today is Friday and there's a new freebie on the site!
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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