surtex show - 2013

central park

I've been trying to put my thoughts about Surtex together for the past few days and I'm still mulling over the whole experience. First of all being in NYC after nearly 30+ years of not visiting was amazing in itself. I love the energy there! Our hotel was only a couple of blocks away from Times Square and Rockefeller Center—we were in the thick of the touristy area. So many languages spoken all around—mostly French.

As a first-time exhibitor I was quite nervous the first day—which kind of surprised me a bit. But I quickly settled in to the general business and social chats along with talking about my work.

The biggest impression I left with regarding Surtex is that it's definitely all about making connections and that the more you are open to talk to the people around you (not just the ones that stop at your booth) the more you benefit. Whether you're talking to a manufacturer, creative director, or other artists—you are there to meet people that you'd otherwise have a hard time to get a hold of in any other way. There was so much information coming and going and I loved that most everyone I talked to was very willing to share their experience and tips.

Here is my booth after we were done with the setup. I loved having a corner booth because it was more open to view all our surroundings. What I wasn't crazy about was being all the way in the back row of the entire show (luck of the draw + where most newbies were placed). 

It was great to pass the time with our surrounding booth neighbors who were all very friendly and made the experience even more fun—Jennifer Paganelli, Rachel Gresham, Denise Albright, Peter Spacek and Julia Minasian. I also had the opportunity to meet many other designers, revisit with some I've met at other events and meet readers of my blog who came forward to introduce themselves. I'm telling you it's all about meet ups—three days straight of that!

I was able to make a quick escape to explore the National Stationery Show and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair which take place in the same building. It was all such eye-candy—almost to the point of overwhelming. After so many years of reading NSS recaps on many blogs it was really thrilling to finally see it in person. The furniture show was not far behind in awesomeness in my opinion—there were many wow moments there as well.

I went to Surtex with my brother Felipe who was my right hand man and he was of amazing help and support! I know the show can be a solo mission but it sure helps to have an extra pair of hands for set up/take down and just to talk to throughout the show. Also big kudos to my Mr. Z for holding down the fort at home with the kids! I'm so lucky to have such a supportive family.

After the show was all wrapped up we had some time to explore a tiny bit of the city. I do have to say that Central Park was big surprise. I didn't imagine it to be so beautiful, peaceful and lush. Amazing.

time square craziness

All in all Surtex was a great experience. Attendance was low according to previous attendees but I'm very pleased with the contacts that I can follow up with and looking forward to what new projects will come my way because I said 'yes' to the opportunity of showing my work. I'm very excited to see what will develop!

If you're interested in seeing more of my work please view more examples of my work on my site. 

And if you're curious... More photos of our trip are on my Instagram feed here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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