our special day: feb 12th

flowers party set

Everyone will be focusing on February 14th next week. I'll have my attention on the 12th. That's because 16 years ago on that day my sweet husband proposed to me—over the phone when I was in my dorm room in San Antonio, TX and he was in Colombia. Talk about going crazy after I hung up. I was so excited!

So... those of you that got my newsletter earlier today know that I'll be having a sale in the shop that will end on the 12th. You'll receive a 25% discount off your entire purchase when you order more than $20.

Code: vday
Expires: Feb 12th


I shot the photo above because I wanted to point out that sometimes you need to look at your scraps in a different way. They can be useful too! 

The green frame is the leftover from the Flower Medallion that is included in the Flowers Party Set. Wouldn't it make a great base for a scrapbooking page? The flowers that are left over from the tea light cover and the medallion can also be used—toss them around a table top or stack them to make a pretty 3D flower. 

matchbox card

Below is the new Frame and Matchbox Card set that I've also posted today. The center flower is my Cherry Blossom and the vase and purple flower are part of this week's freebie.

• • •

I feel like I've been a complete hermit the last few weeks so apologies for the lack of Friday Tidbits. I need to get out of my cave more! Thankfully Texas weather is just about perfect right now and the sun is just begging me to go out. I think I'm going to take the invitation seriously. Off for a walk...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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