a mini-me?

Our daughter inherited my old Cricut Expression and yesterday she simply had to have it all installed and ready to go in her room (we had the day off for parent/teacher conferences).

After a while of working in her room alone she came up to me with something behind her back. She told me to close my eyes. When I opened them my gazebo was inhabited by her two creations! She created little paper kickstands to make the people stand and she cut out double outfits so that the backs wouldn't be just their plain bodies (it's all in the details!). It makes me all smiles every time I look at it.

She's discovered sewing, she loves paper, she LOVES journals, notebooks and pads, she loves to color, she loves her dolls—all at random times and in spurts. She reminds me SO much of myself when I was her age, except for the fact that she has one artistic talent that I do not have—she has a good musical ear (which reminds me of my brother). She's taking clarinet lessons and doing really, really well. I took piano lessons at her age and let's just say it wasn't exactly a lot of fun. Lol.

She's my little renaissance sweetie! Love her.

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